Monthly Archives: August 2006

Soviet Propaganda Posters

Amazing, huge collection of cool Soviet era propaganda posters.

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Postal Carrier Gets Three Years in Jail for Stealing Credit Cards

A postal carrier who stole credit cards from the people on her route was sentenced Monday to more than three years in prison and ordered to repay nearly $140,000.

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Bob and Doug talking about mice in beer bottles

One of the greatest moments in Canadian comedy, ever.

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Bosch iPod Power Box Review

Like to listen to music while you work but find your workplace a little too dangerous and dirty for your fragile little iPod? Bosch, a company more famous for their power tools than stereo equipment just might have the perfect solution for you.

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T-Mobile Hacker Gets A Year Of Home Detention

A former Santa Ana resident, 23, who hacked into a T-Mobile customer database, then read the wireless messages of a Secret Service agent, was sentenced Monday to a year of home detention.

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Generating Buzz With Link Baiting and Viral Campaigns

What do you get when you come up with a great idea on the web, whether it be something resourceful, something useful, something funny, even something controversial? You come up with ingenious ways to generate buzz for your sites through link baiting and viral marketing campaigns.

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Beer: The Midwife of Civilization

Very good read on the history of beer, best read while drinking a beer.

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