A Digg for Bots

There was a digg about reporting bots that got me to thinking. Maybe we need a diggbender dominated by bots. A social bookmarking game of life where distributed bots are the moderator of the frontpage. A dupe checking bot could screen submitted urls for content similarities and decide whether or not they can enter the stream. Maybe each bot would be forced to vote on the outstanding items in the stream before it can post it’s own submissions, to help throttle contributions a bit and enforce a bit of democracy.  Realistically there will still need to be a ghost in the machine, a human mod to asses whether the system has been taken advantage of by a really clever spambot; so be it. Human votes could be weighted against the bot accounts to in turn give the bots weighted values. If tuned properly it would become an intelligent, meta aggregator. Maybe it wouldn’t be a replacement for the personality of a digg, reddit or even fark; but it sure could streamline the amount of story replication and be more effective than following all of the mainstream news feeds.


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