Monthly Archives: September 2006

Awesome cover of Hey Ya

This is an incredible acoustic cover by Matt Weddle of Obadiah Parker. It’s reminiscint of Iron and Wine but more spartan. This is simply an awesome song, it’s one of the few covers I’ve heard, that’s better than the original.

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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Reaches Planned Flight Path

NASA’s newest spacecraft at Mars has completed the challenging half-year task of shaping its orbit to the nearly circular, low-altitude pattern from which it will scrutinize the planet.

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How to read sheet music

This is one of those things everyone should either know how to do, or have it on their 43 things. Knowing how to read sheet music and understanding music theory opens a new window on music. It is the universally accepted method of communicating songs, a lingua franca made up of notes, that transcends history. There are great sites filled with quality sheet music in the public domain; and many people who love share their knowledge.

One of the best games of Chess played

This is one of the better games Spassky ever played; Not that I’m really a worthy judge, but hey Bobby Fischer said it too. Nicely done chessbase player on the site with a good analysis and some interesting facts about the game. I particularly liked this bit: “Another strong player – nearly of GM strength, and part of the Soviet contingent – is supposedly have reported to his bosses that Spassky had just blundered a piece and now was lost. (I heard this story from an expatriated Russianwho was present at this match – at a World Open one year.)” Anyway, even if you haven’t played for a while, you’ll appreciate what a great game this was.

Gaming Digg / New Changes

It appears Digg intends to make sweeping changes to the ways that stories are promoted to the front page. This has upset many of the top diggers, causing some, including the currently number 1 active digger, to quit the site.

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The Funniest Kids In The Hall Bit Ever

This was the best of all of head crushing ones. [It’s amazing how much great Cancon there is on youtube.]

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Cryptographic Challenge

Can you decode the message?

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